Gradual Exercises To Fitness

Gradual Exercises To Fitness

I am sure this has happened to you; arrive home tired and stressed out from a crazy day at work and when your kids see you they want attention and play games. You give them the excuse that you are tired and need some rest.
That answer will not go down well and they will be disappointed. On the other hand, if you say yes and play with them, imagine the fun, enjoyment and the amount of energy you have used making your body active.

In the mind
Researchers have found that by exercising at a moderate pace for about 30 to 40 minutes you would feel better than if you did nothing. You would feel better mentally, physically, improves appetite and it helps to have a good night sleep.
Believe when I say this, its all in the mind.
Exercising has many benefits, these are just a few:
It gives your body the strength and energy to last the whole day
Lifts your spirits and reduces stress you may have
You would be more likeable as people see you being sparkling
Enjoy live much more due to the extra energy available

Start slow and build up. For people who are new to exercise, visit your doctor and get checked out. He may even recommend what form of exercises to start with.
Dont ever force or overdo your routine, if you feel pain, stop. Depending where the pain is; if its severe get it checked out as soon as possible.

Fitness programs
Below I have picked 5 different types of fitness programs for you to checkout:
1. Walking – Start with 15 to 20 minutes; walk your dog, with your partner or child. If no dog, ask a friend or your partner to join you. Enjoy the neighbourhood and absorb the sunlight.
2. Yoga This is an exercise that energises and makes your body more flexible. Starting with the more basic yoga positions, 5 to 10 minutes its enough to give you an extra charge of energy.
3. Sport OK, not right away unless you have a certain level of fitness. But playing sport is an effective way to stay fit and with good nutrition, healthy. It will also give you a sense of comradeship and responsibility to perform well for your team.
4. Exercise programs There are many different types of exercise programs to join. Check whats available at your local gym or other nearby gyms. Most should have at least two or more of the following:
Step aerobics
Martial arts
Body building
General fitness
Stretching and/or dance
5. Exercise while at home Wash and vacuum the car yourself at home and not in the car wash. Mow your own lawn and rake the leaves rather than pay the gardener to do it for you. Try balancing exercises, like standing on one foot for a short time than changing to the other foot. Push ups, sit ups and squats can also be done at home. Buy a set of rubber cords and follow the exercises written in the instructions.

By using some of the information I have given above and doing it, you would be surprised how many more calories you will consume. Adding this to a planned diet of fruit, vegetables, good carbohydrates and proteins you would be on the way to becoming a new you.