Nagging Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar Fasciitis is a nagging problem that affects athletes primarily. They will experience sharp foot pain usually on one side only.The pain will be mostly on the bottom of the foot. The fasciitis refers to the covering of the small muscles of the foot which becomes sticky after rubbing against each other. Then they develop painful adhesions. Adhesions are painful and tender nodules. They adhesions form in the fascia and cause increased friction and pain. The problem continues to get worse with movement. The pain can often prevent them from running until the pain subsides.There are numerous ways to treat plantar fasciitis symptoms. Let’s discuss a few of them now.

Rest is an obvious choice and is worth considering first and foremost. It is inexpensive and real easy to do. The benefit is that you may relieve all the plantar fasciitis pain in a few short weeks. Inactivity is never a smart choice but I urge you to consider it first.

Orthotics or special inserts for your running shoes work well in many cases. The insert is placed in the shoe, both shoes I might add.There are really well made off the shelf types of inserts that preform nicely. I suggest that you ask a running store salesman advice on which brand to buy. I happen to think Superfeet are super and a value. Try these first. Quite often they can do the trick and save you some money.

Custom made orthotics are expensive and may not solve your plantar fasciitis symptoms. Go with the less expensive insert first. If you do have to get the more expensive custom inserts you can save the Superfeet for a spare pair. You will need to see a Podiatrist to get proper fitting and advice for custom made inserts.You may elect to go the Orthopedic route but I find that they are indifferent to feet. They are interested in surgery and the financial rewards.The podiatrists’ are well suited and know their stuff when it comes to the feet. I might add that the custom made inserts might not be covered by your insurance. You should find out first because they can cost up to $500 a pair.

Stretching your calf muscles is a good idea when you have Plantar Fasciitis. The calf muscles attach to the Achilles and can put a serious strain on the bottom surface of the foot which is known as the plantar surface hence the name plantar fasciitis.

Since people love to medicate we should go down that route to explain your treatment options further. NSAIDS, you would know these as Aleve, Motrin, etc. These are common over the counter pain relievers that are consumed like candy. They block the absorption of certain neurotransmitters that are responsible for telling your brain there is pain in the first place. So they canhelp with the pain but do little to improve the faulty mechanics that often contribute to Plantar Fasciitis symptoms. So if they canhelp you through the day why not? Go ahead with the understanding that they will not fix your Plantar Fasciitis. The effects are temporary at best. Prolonged pain should be your cue to see a doctor about your problem.

I urge you to see a Podiatrist first for your medical advice.They are equipped to serve you on many levels. They know the foot like the back of their hands. I had to get that in. They can fit for orthotics, write prescriptions, perform surgery and if you need it they can give you a cortisone shot to stop the pain. Now I want you to consider this cortisone shot as a last resource. Cortisone is a powerful anti-inflammatory that suppresses everything. Consider the rest of your body in making an informed decision on whether or not. If your immune system is compromised by a virus or an infection your immune system is suppressed when cortisone is put into your body. You probably heard that you can only get so many cortisone shots over the course of your lifetime. The reason is because it is so powerful cortisone can actually do harm to your body if you get too much of it. So please beware.

These are the most common ways to treat plantar fasciitis. There are many more ways that will be discussed in future articles on this topic. I welcome your comments and invite you to post them on this blog.Feel free to leave your comments below.