The Link Between Your Health And The Chemicals In Cleaning Products

If you are the type of person who likes taking care of their personal health then I’m sure you probably wash your hands on a regular basis. It’s obvious that germs are moved around from surface-to-surface when we touch things and especially when our hands are dirty. Have you ever thought about the harsh chemicals that we expose ourselves to in hand cleaners and soaps that we use? If you are that type of person who is conscious of chemicals then I’m sure your answer is yes, and if your answer is yes then you probably are the type of person who will opt for the organic hand wash or the type of soap that doesn’t have any harsh chemicals inside it.

There is another very important related idea that I want to bring to your attention which is often not thought about. The idea has to do with germs on our floors. Are you the type of person to use harsh chemicals to clean your floor? Did you know that the chemicals you use to clean your floor remain on your floor and can be absorbed into your skin, your childrens skin, and your pet’s paws? There really is no difference when we compare cleaning our floors and how we should take care when we clean our hands as mentioned above.

The best way to eliminate chemicals on your floor is to use a mopping method that does not require chemicals to remove germs. It so happens that there is such a mopping method that can do that. It’s called a microfiber mop. Microfiber mops have been around for a long time but they are still gaining popularity and have not quite reached their peak because people are quite stuck in the old ways of using buckets and old-school mops to clean their floors. An interesting fact that often converts a lot of people is the fact that hospitals only use this type of mop because they know and understand the cleaning abilities of microfiber.

If hospitals love microfiber mops then surely that is showing you something. The sooner that you change how you clean your floors then the sooner you can stop exposing yourself to harsh chemicals. Many studies have been done to show how effective microfiber is in comparison to cotton mops. The results were quite shocking. Cotton mops are not able to remove germs because their fibers are way too big. On the other hand, the microfiber mop such as the one from Temples Pride, has fibers that are so small they are able to completely lift away germs and most importantly without the assistance of chemicals.