Which Vitamins Are Best To Aid Your Joint Pain?

Body pains make routine activities a pain to continue. Especially when it comes down to pain in the joints, very little can be done to seek relief. One way to cater this pain is by physiotherapy. However, you also need to combine it with nutrients that aid in the recovery process.

In order to cure joint pains, one of the best things to do is taking joint vitamins alongside physiotherapy. There are several different supplements available that provide important multivitamins when it comes to joint pains and bone diseases. Following are some of the Vitamins you must take if you are suffering from a joint pain.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K is one of the most important of all vitamins to be taken if you are suffering from pain in the joints. It is known for aiding issues like blood clots, and is great when it comes to strengthening the bones. In addition to that, it makes sure there isn’t any excessive build up of calcium inside the arteries. Vitamin K can be found in foods like parsley, spinach, lettuce, and soy sauce.

Furthermore, according to research, this vitamin is also known for killing inflammatory cells inside your body. The reduction in these cells cures from joint diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. It is also proven to be great for anyone suffering from knee or hand arthritis.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is one of the most important joint vitamins. It is the key to keeping your bones strong since it assists in absorbing calcium. The absorption of calcium in turn helps the body to prevent osteoporosis. The best thing about vitamin D is that it also regulates the auto immune functions by regulating the required cells.

Vitamin D is not only crucial to cure joint pains but is also the key vitamin to keep the whole body healthy. You can get a good vitamin D intake with Tuna fish, Salmon fish, and Sardines etc. Exposing skin to sunlight will also help in increasing vitamin D levels, which is healthy for the joints.

Vitamin C

Another great vitamin for joints is Vitamin C. It is great for maintaining connective tissues as well as collagen in your body. Furthermore, sufficient amounts of vitamin C also help the body in absorbing essential minerals like iron and folate. These minerals further help in keeping the bones strong and reducing joint pains and problems. Vitamin C also helps in protecting cell damage, ultimately allowing external and internal wounds to heal better. Vitamin C can be found in sufficient amounts in citrus fruits.

It is certainly hard to take different supplements and foods for the intake of different joint vitamins required by the body. Therefore, a great way to cope up with this issue is by taking multivitamin tablets that give your body several minerals and vitamins from a single source. However, it is best to take the multivitamins in addition to other important remedies for effectively healing joints.