Four Simple Ways To Have Fun While Getting Healthy

The Key to good health lies in a balance of the food we eat and the amount we move our bodies. It is a simple equation yet so many of us struggle with our health due to over eating and under performing in the exercise department.

Here are four easy ways to boost activity and increase the quality of food we consume to hopefully improve our quality of life.

1. Make a Snow Fort

Since winter is almost upon us shoveling snow is high on the list of things many northerners dread, but it doesn’t have to be such a dull chore. Shoveling snow is a massive calorie burner, so much so that you can probably indulge in a little bit of warm-up hot cocoa afterward.

Instead of dreading the shoveling process take a little extra effort to amass a large pile of snow in one spot so you can dig out a snow fort for the kids (and us big kids enjoy a good fort too)

Before you know it you have burned off more calories in a couple hours of play than you would have all day!

2. Make a Tropical Fruit Smoothie

Good health and healthy eating do not have to be boring and tasteless. Did you know you can pack a days worth of fruits and vegetables into one healthy smoothie? It’s true.

So break out the ol blender and grab your favorite fruits and vegetables (what? You don’t like vegetables?) no worries because with enough sweet fruit you will barely notice the handful of spinach or kale. In fact, adding a banana to your smoothie actually masks the “vegetable taste” of leafy greens really well.

The good thing about a smoothie is that there are so many combinations of fruits and vegetables you can use that you will never get bored of the flavor. Plus you can add extra protein or superfood powders to spruce it up a bit and add extra nutrients.

3. Supplements are Boring and Not Fun, But…

Yes taking your daily vitamin is not always the most exciting part of the day and who likes swallowing a bunch of big pills anyway? Liquid vitamins to the rescue. These days you can find many vitamins and minerals in an easy to take liquid form.

The liquid form of vitamin D, methyl B12, methylated folate, turmeric, iron (the list goes on and on) are super easy to add to the fore mentioned smoothie. Or to mix things up a bit you can add them to a warm bowl of oatmeal. Even better turmeric lattes are pretty hot right now – settling down with a healthy latte by a crackling fire is my idea of a good time.

4. Move Your Body to the Rhythm

What do you do while cooking that healthy meal or whipping up that gourmet smoothie – you spend time in the kitchen. Kitchen time doesn’t have to be boring either. Crank up the tunes and boogie while moving around the kitchen.

Just make sure you aren’t cooking in the buff if you are using oil in a frying pan – that stuff burns. Plus if you have windows in your kitchen throw on an apron at least.

The point is getting down in the kitchen while cooking makes it fun and you get a good workout.

Speaking of getting down in the kitchen, before you do so make sure you take that methyl folate shake if you are hoping for a bundle of joy come spring…